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Minas Tirith


This model was made for our friend Nick. It is intended to be a mock up of the first two rings of Minas Tirith with the upper fountain court as the objective in a Siege of Minas Tirith game. Nick has had this piece on display at the Origins convention last year. He will also have it on display there once again this year and run the game on it again at this years convention. In these pictures you can also see other items we made to go along with it such as: Grond, four Orc Barges, the Siege Towers with match Pushing trolls, and two Black Corsair Ships.

25 files, last one added on Jun 10, 2006
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Barad Dur

bd 037.jpg

This was a custom ordered Tower of Barad-Dur piece that is intended to be a display base for an army. Some slight changes were made to the lower portion of the tower so that it could accommodate the army in question. The tower is three feet tall and was made modular for ease of storage and safety during shipping.

10 files, last one added on Jun 25, 2006
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Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz

dh 1.jpg

This was a commisioned model. The customer wanted the eagle removed, the cape extended anda special display base made for it.

3 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2006
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Trophy Kyrie


6 files, last one added on Mar 18, 2007
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My Collection

01-503 The Great Red Dragon (front).jpg

121 files, last one added on Jan 15, 2007
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RONIN icon.jpg

67 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2007
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